Steam Cleaning Carpets Vs. Dry Cleaning Carpets

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While a lovely plush carpet can add a touch of comfort and appeal to your home or office, it also attracts dirt and makes a good home for dust mites, bacteria, and allergens. To get rid of the soil and microbes trapped in your carpet, it’s essential to have it regularly cleaned. If you don’t, you could put your health at risk or compromise your floors’ integrity.

When cleaning your carpet, merely dusting or vacuuming is not enough. To thoroughly clean it from deep within, you need to have it professionally cleaned. However, many professionals offer two carpet cleaning options, steam cleaning and dry cleaning. Each method offers great advantages, but how you benefit will depend on the method you choose. Unfortunately, if you haven’t used either of these cleaning options before, you may find it challenging to make a choice. To make your decision easier, Preferred Carpet Cleaning & Floor Care has compared steam cleaning carpets vs. dry cleaning carpets and explained the best time to use each cleaning method.

1. Steam cleaning carpets
The steam cleaning option should be used when cleaning heavily soiled or “dirty” carpets. It is the most powerful way to clean a carpet and will provide the best results as it successfully removes stains and can clean your carpet to your satisfaction. The only downside to steam cleaning carpets is that it can take a while for your carpet to dry.

2. Dry cleaning carpets
Dry cleaning is the weakest method when it comes to cleaning carpets. As a result, it should only be used when a carpet is relatively new, or the carpet needs to be dried quickly for a particular reason, such as a realty showing or an event. Usually, dry cleaning is best suited for cleaning upholstery as this method is recommended for 90% of the fabrics manufactured in the furniture industry. Also, dry cleaning typically does not discolor or harm the material that it cleans.

Which cleaning method should you choose?
To summarize what we discussed above, steam cleaning should be your go-to option 90% of the time when cleaning a carpet. It is the best way to clean a carpet, but when this method is used, your carpet will take time to dry completely. That means you’ll have to wait for a long time before you can use it. If you want your carpet to be cleaned fast and made available for use immediately, dry cleaning is a better option.

Similarly, if you want to clean upholstery, dry cleaning should be your first choice. Dry cleaning is the best option to clean upholstery of almost every kind used in homes and offices, automobiles, boats, airplanes, etc.

As you can see, choosing the correct cleaning method is determined primarily by the task or subject being cleaned. Both cleaning methods have their place in the industry and are used extensively by professionals every day, but when used appropriately, they will efficiently perform the task you want to be done.

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