How COVID-19 Has Changed Our Lives And The Cleanliness We Follow

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COVID-19 has dramatically impacted cleaning businesses! People began understanding that to stay well and healthy, they should keep clean and sanitize their house or office, especially if they want it free from COVID. The Government lockdown from March till May had a significant impact on my business. Now everyone learned that this is the ‘new’ normal, so they are finding the need to keep their homes, offices, schools, and especially retirement centers clean and sanitary. Ever since most people realized that the Coronavirus was here to stay, at least for some time, they had to get used to it, and business has been booming.

We have been communicating with our previous clients and trying to spread the word to let everyone know that we are open for business! We have always been working from our office, but we visit clients whenever there is a need as our job involves us cleaning their carpets and floors and we cannot do that remotely.

Although business was a lot slower when the COVID pandemic started, now business is booming. I have been working more hours to keep up with the customer demand and to make sure I meet all my orders, within the promised timeline.

While we cannot work remotely, as the industry forces that we handle the work in person, we make sure that we follow the necessary rules and take all precautions possible. I meet clients and work in their homes with a face mask, boots for shoes, and gloves when necessary. There are opportunities where we use online platforms, but it is not necessarily for work. Additionally, we are open to working on online virtual public events and business Expos whenever the need arises.

As the whole world is in this pandemic together, we should hang tough, and we will come out on the other side healthy and prosperous. If you are looking for a company that does a thorough job when it comes to carpet cleaning and floor care, look no further than Preferred Carpet Cleaning & Floor Care. We equipped our team of professionals with the latest equipment which they use when they are cleaning hotels, assisted living centers, and office buildings, which they do regularly. We also handle carpet and upholstery cleaning, hardwood floor maintenance and cleaning . If you want a better understanding of the services that we provide as a carpet and floor cleaning company in Lilburn, please click here. To get in touch with us to have us handle your office and residential premises, click here.