Six Industry Hacks To Maintain Wood Floors

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Cleaning has always played a large part in keeping a house in order, but the pandemic forced people to move the process a step further. When the pandemic initially hit, offices and public places shut down since the virus could spread as easily as a cold. However, countries around the world could not stay shut forever, and they had to open their doors, keeping several restrictions in mind. When places or work started opening up, only a few could interact, following a lot of restrictions companies had to make sure their offices were clean.

We were not burdened with work for a long time, with our schedules light and things a bit slow, but that suddenly changed and we had many of our clients asking us to assist with their cleaning needs. They all wanted to make sure places where they were meeting people, were kept clean to reduce the spread of the virus. While people were cleaning and sanitizing their houses to stay safe, some rules forced offices to go through the process regularly.

While it might make sense to handle the process as often as possible, it might be challenging to keep calling a team in every day. So here are some pointers to keep in mind when cleaning and maintaining a wood floor in your house.

Hack #1: Vacuum Your Floor Often
Vacuuming keeps your floor looking great, sanitary, and helps prevent scuffing of the finish. It is a lot better than mopping since that sometimes ruins the polish laid on the wood. There are other challenges in rare cases with it damaging or spoiling the wood as well. 

Hack #2: Clean Floors with Damp Mop or Swiffer Only
Remember, water destroys wood! Use cold water, damp mop, or Swiffer only to clean. Consider cleaning the floors at least once a month using this method, depending on use. It is important to clean regularly since the dirt can also damage the floors and getting it out later can also be challenging. 

Hack #3: Take Your Shoes Off
Make everyone in the household take their shoes off before entering if you are looking to increase the tenure of the wood since socks or barefoot reduce the speed at which wood wears out. Some suggestions are using rubber, plastic, or felt tip guards on furniture to reduce the scratching when moving furniture around the place.

Hack #4: Resurface the Wood
Resurfacing or deep cleaning the floor should be done by a professional every two to three years, depending on how much family and friends use it. Some parts of the house have more people walking around while others have fewer people moving around, for instance, the guest room. All floors do not wear out at the same pace, so they do not need the same amount of care and treatment but should be looked after, all the same.

Hack #5: Add an extra layer to the wood to doubly protect it
Resurfacing is applying an additional protective layer of floor finish to the top of your existing polyurethane finish. It's similar to adding a wax coating to the automobile paint finish. Resurfacing will increase the longevity of your floor; to retain shine, luster, as well as more importantly, maintain it against wear and tear so that you will not have to refinish as often or ever.

Hack #6: Refinish the Floor
Refinishing the floor is the most invasive, time-consuming, and costly of all the methods to maintain the floor. Most people try refinishing when the floor is damaged, deeply scratched, for changing the color, or installing more hardwood in another room so it will all match.

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